All About the Jaguar Emblem on Your XJ

The Jaguar XJ is the name of a series of full-size luxury cars manufactured and sold by Jaguar Cars. With its first model released in 1968, the XJ line has a long and full history. Since 1970, they have been the flagship car of the auto maker. The XJ has been featured in a number of high-profile and media appearances, and today’s modern Jaguar XJ was first launched in 2009. An armored version is used to transport the UK Prime Minister, and the British royal family is known to use the XJ line as well.

Types of Emblems

Before you buy an emblem for your XJ, you must decide on the emblem you want. There’s a big difference between a grille emblem and a badge emblem, so make sure you’re choosing the right type. And just as owners use only specific model parts for their cars, they should also buy the right manufacturer emblem for their vehicles. Here are several types of emblems and where they attach to the car: - Grille emblem: This emblem attaches to the car’s grille, usually via screws or studs. Grille emblems typically depict the vehicle manufacturer and are akin to hood emblems. - Hood emblem: This emblem attaches to the car’s hood, usually via screws into a mounting point. Some hood emblems are spring-loaded so that they don’t accidentally break off. - Badge emblem: This emblem attaches to different points on the car’s body, including the rear, both sides and sometimes even the hood.

The Importance of the XJ Emblem

Whether you’re restoring an older Jaguar XJ model or you’re looking to increase the value of your current car, there are a few distinctive factors that separate one vehicle from another: the sound of the horn, the design of the interior and the lines of the body. However, of all these distinguishing characteristics, there’s one that must never be overlooked: the emblem. Emblems represent not just the model of the vehicle but also the entire brand. They are often the most recognizable symbol of any car manufacturer, along with the hood ornament. Although slogans such as “Pontiac: We are driven,” “See the USA in Your Chevrolet” and, in the case of Jaguar, “Born to Perform,” are catchy and fun, the emblem affixed to a car’s grille, trunk or hood tells a story and offers a glimpse of history. Aesthetically, the emblem essentially completes the car by putting a finishing touch on it, signifying this is the “real deal” and not a kit built to resemble the classic Jaguar XJ line. In addition, some emblems include numbers in their design that tell people exactly what type of car you’re driving as they literally spell out what’s under the hood.

History of the Jaguar Emblem

Founded in 1922 as Swallow Sidecar Company, the first vehicles carried the “SS” badge on the hood. In 1935, “Jaguar” was added to the name, and the “SS” part was removed before the end of the war in 1945 due to political reasons. In search of a stylish emblem to guide the brand into the future, Jaguar’s designers introduced what we recognize today: the notorious jumping jaguar. The jaguar was meant to symbolize the company’s core values: power, performance, elegance, grace and ambition to move forward. Ultimately, there was nothing better than a jumping jaguar posture to reflect each of these qualities. Although the emblem has gone through a number of revisions during its history, its latest update in 2012 has made it even more elegant and classy. Currently, the Jaguar XJ emblem features the face of a growling jaguar fitted into a red circle surrounded by a simple, silver-imprinted word: “Jaguar.”

How to Install a Car Emblem

Whether your existing XJ emblem is damaged, worn or simply in need of replacement, when you’re buying a vehicle emblem, make sure you consider all of your options before making a purchase. Keep in mind that there are variations, even within model emblems and manufacturers. For instance, emblems run the gamut from blacked-out to chromed to standard. If you’re looking to maintain the class and sophistication of your XJ, you may not want to deter too far from the company’s factory emblem. Jaguar is a classic example of a hood emblem. Also known as an ornament, Jaguar emblems bolt onto the hood. In order to replace the entire emblem, you must raise the hood and remove the bolts underneath. On the other hand, if your current emblem screws into a base and the base is not damaged, you may still consider using it. In either case, make sure you fully clean the area underneath where the old emblem was located before you install the replacement.


Car emblems provide information about the vehicle manufacturer, model type and other vehicle qualities such as whether the car runs on a supercharged or V-8 engine. Car emblems also allow owners to make a statement about their views, including the hobbies they love, their favorite sport teams, causes that are important to them and their feelings about life in general. A great-looking Jaguar XJ includes many factors such as shiny chrome all around, clean windows, clean hubcaps, properly maintained paint and a nice wax job. One area that some car owners may neglect, but shouldn’t, is the emblem that adorns the vehicle. Although the XJ may excel in other areas, all it takes is a missing or damaged emblem to ruin the entire presentation of a well-maintained car. Make sure you replace the XJ emblem when it goes missing, becomes damaged, shows rust or starts to wear. With knowledge and the correct equipment, you can do the entire emblem replacement process right in your own garage. However, if you’re unsure about emblem removal and replacement, it may be a good idea to contact the vehicle manufacturer or a mechanic for assistance to ensure you don’t ruin the emblem or negatively impact the value of the car.